Milksha Wins 3 Stars at A.A.Taste Awards  

Milksha is thrilled to announce that we have won 3 stars at the 2023 A.A.Taste Awards by the Anti Additive Clean Label Organization (A.A.) – the first award with the clean label concept also known as one of the world-premium awards.  

Anti Additive Clean Label Organization (A.A.) is a non-governmental organization that provides certification for the Clean Label. A.A. advocates and promotes “Anti Additive, healthy and sustainable. ” A.A. has adopted the “Clean Label” concept as the implementation and promotion basis. From the reduction of additives in food and various products, to provision of easy-to-read labels. 

A.A. Taste Awards recognize, and honor manufacturers dedicated to providing additive-free products. Products are blind-tasted by a jury comprised of members of international judging organizations, professional chefs, nutritionists, scholars, cuisine critics, etc. Products are judged based on eight criteria, namely, first impression, aroma, visual, taste, aftertaste, mouthfeel, purity, and overall product. 

The two award-winning drinks, Fresh Taro Milk and Valrhona 100% Cocoa Milk are well-loved by our customers. Both drinks are free of artificial additives and preservatives, presenting a natural taste profile. Fresh Taro Milk features fresh taro imported from Dajia, Taiwan. Enjoy the natural and earthy taste of taro with every sip. 

Valrhona 100% Cocoa Milk features premium Valrhona cocoa from France, which is well-known for its bitter-sweet aroma. The cocoa is perfectly mixed with fresh milk for a creamy indulgence. 

Throughout the years, Milksha is committed to creating unique and delicious drinks using the highest quality ingredients. As a winner of A.A. Taste Awards 2023, we will continue to ensure the highest standard of quality and provide consumers with healthy and delicious beverages. 

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