About Us

Our Story

Milksha Singapore originated from Milkshop (迷客夏), in Taiwan. The founder Mr. Kevin Lim, is a second-generation dairy farmer of Green Light Ranch (綠光牧場). At young age, he helped out at the ranch and observed his father’s insistence on using imported high-quality feed to raise the cattle with care to ensure their health and the quality of the milk.

In the early 2000s, Taiwan diary industry faced a problem of oversupply of milk and weak demand. Many of the farmers decided to give up their farms. It was also the period when tea based beverage gained popularity in Taiwan. Mr. Kevin Lim saw the opportunity and thought of the idea of using fresh milk from his farm as a base for handmade beverages.

Using on fresh milk and no artificial creamers in all beverages, Milkshop started off its first store in Tainan in 2004. Over the years, with the increasing awareness on health and food safety in Taiwan, the brand has grown steadily and has expanded internationally in 2018. At current, Milksha has over 230 stores across Taiwan and has spread out to various countries around the world.

About Us

Voted the No. 1 Bubble Tea Brand by Taiwan’s University Students, Milksha is driven by its mission to offer “Fresh, Natural, and Handmade Beverages” and achieves this by using 100% natural and fresh ingredients, without any preservatives, artificial colouring, or chemical additives.

Milksha insists on installing the multi-filter water system in all of our outlets to ensure the quality of our water. By having multiple cartridges, it removes harmful contaminants from the water. 

Honey Pearls

Our signature honey pearls are air-flown directly from Taiwan and cooked fresh daily in stores. As they do not contain any preservatives, our pearls are kept at -18 degree celsius and has a shelf life of only 6 months. Without colourings, our pearls are naturally white in colour (colour of natural tapioca flour) instead of black after they are cooked. Each batch of honey pearls takes an arduous 2-hour long cooking process and are naturally sweetened with honey instead of artificial sweeteners. Our pearls are only put up for sale for 2 hours, and any leftovers thereafter are thrown away before a new batch is introduced, to ensure consistent and optimum quality.

Tea Leaves

We sourced and handpicked premium tea leaves from various regions around the world to ensure we provide you with only the best. Our tea leaves are hand-brewed in stores daily and taste-tested regularly for quality control. Any batch of tea that does not make the cut are tossed and a new batch is brewed, because we believe in providing only the highest quality of beverages for you.

Fresh Milk

“Healthy” is probably not a word people normally associate with bubble tea, yet we are challenging that notion by using top-quality milk and ingredients. We use only 100% Fresh Milk in all our beverages. None of our beverages contain creamer as they are concoctions of oil, sugars and thickeners. Creamers also include hydrogenated oils, which is a type of unhealthy trans fat to consume and can cause high cholesterol as well as health problems.