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Let us guide your way from redeeming promotion vouchers to purchasing bundle deals and utilising them on our Milksha App.

Bundle Deals:

We have exciting special-priced bundle deals that you wouldn’t want to miss. Our bundle deals are quoted and listed for a limited time only, so get yours before it’s gone. You may view your drinks vouchers and merchandise vouchers under the “Vouchers” tab right after your payment. Add your selected drinks to the cart and redeem your vouchers before payment (“Continue to checkout” -> “Vouchers” -> select the number of vouchers and “Redeem”).

For your loved ones

The receiver will be able to view the bundle vouchers under the “Vouchers” tab with the correct number and email registered. If the receiver does not have a Milksha account, an email will be sent for them to download. After registering with the correct contact number and email, the receiver will be able to view the vouchers under the “Vouchers” tab.

Redemption of merchandise

You do not need to add another vacuum flask to cart to redeem your bundle voucher. Simply refer to the “Vouchers” tab and redeem your free vacuum flask from there.

Birthday Voucher:

Celebrate your special day with us by receiving birthday vouchers on your actual birth date (e.g. if your birthday falls on 21st June, you will only receive it on the 21st of June). After adding your drinks to the cart, you may redeem your vouchers (validity: 30 days) under “Promotions” (refer to the video below for reference). With no minimum spend required, enjoy your Milksha and have a great day ahead!

Do note the birthday vouchers are rewarded according to your membership tiering.