Signature Drinks

Introducing you our best 6, you will definitely find your favourite here.

Fresh Taro Milk

Unique taro that are imported from Dajia, Taiwan are steamed and hand-mashed daily at outlets. It’s just like drinking Orh Nee from a cup!

Earl Grey Latte with Honey Pearls

The Singaporean Favourite. Tea leaves are hand-brewed daily to extract the essences and aromas of Earl Grey. Pair it with our signature sweet and chewy honey pearls for a burst of textures.

Refreshing Orange Green Tea

The combination of sweet Taiwanese orange juice and delicate green tea gives you a vibrant and ultra-refreshing taste, definitely your go-to drink for the hot Singapore weather!

Izumo Matcha Milk

Japanese Matcha powder from a century year-old brand, gives a unique and velvety consistency. Experience the perfect balance of slightly bitter matcha and creamy fresh milk.

Valrhona 100% Cocoa Milk

Chocolate lovers don’t want to miss this! Premium cocoa imported from France
is mixed into fresh milk for a creamy indulgence.

Brown Sugar Milk

A lighter rendition from our bubble tea counterparts. Pure brown sugar is stir-fried daily to caramelize into syrup. Combining it with our fresh milk will give a subtle yet irresistible taste.